We are excited to announce that Fountain Lake School District is now offering the Waterford Upstart Program! We are the only school district in the state of Arkansas that offers this program! The Waterford Upstart Program is designed to get preschool-aged children prepared for kindergarten and is geared towards children who turned four-years-old before August 1st, 2020. Each four-year-old who is signed up for this program will receive a computer to begin learning mathematics, science, and reading through the program’s various tools. Each student will also receive a coach to help monitor their progress along the way. The Waterford Upstart Program has proven to be extremely successful in helping preschool-aged children reach milestones before ever stepping foot inside a kindergarten classroom. If you know anyone who has a four-year-old child who lives in the Fountain Lake District, please send them this information! Any child who meets the age requirements in Fountain Lake School District, including those who already attend our preschool onsite, can sign up at: Register.