Augenblick, Palaich, and Associates (APA) is conducting a school finance study for the Arkansas House and Senate Education Committees. The Committees and APA believe that incorporating the perspective of educators and the community in Arkansas is essential to the study, and they will be gathering feedback on multiple study areas, including:

  • What it means for students to be college and career ready when they graduate,
  • Educational opportunities for students around the state,
  • How well districts and charter systems in the state can attract and retain staff, and
  • Education resources and funding in Arkansas, including the state education funding matrix and additional funding for specific student groups.

Educators, families, and community members are invited to participate in an online survey to gather feedback on education funding and other education issues in the state.
The survey is open to all educators and the public until Friday, September 18th, and can be found at the following link:

To contact APA with any questions, or regarding technical difficulties, please visit