Fountain Lake School District is requesting bids for a new roof on the field house facility. FLSD personnel are available for site walkthroughs M-F 8 A.M. - 1 P.M.

Tear off two layers of shingles to the bare deck.

Replace decking and fascia as needed.

Install synthetic underlayment.

Install Radiant Barrier.

Install 24 gauge 1 ½” standing seam roof, KYNAR paint finish, NO exposed fasteners.

Roof Color: Burnished Slate

Ridge Ventilation

Contractor to remove and dispose of all waste

Replace all flashing.

10 year labor warranty.

Lifetime materials and paint warranty.

For more information contact: Hayden Fusilier hfusilier@flcobras.com or by phone: 501-463-2752

Deadline for submittals: June 13th 5PM

Middle School Painting Bid.   POSTED April 13th 2:00 PM

Building Blueprints Top Floor  Building Blueprints Bottom Floor

Job: Fountain Lake School District

Street: 4207 Park Ave Ar.

Interior Work Painting Middle School

5th-6th-7th-8th Grades Classrooms Walls

Computer Labs

Resource and Office

Science Class Rooms

Science Lab and Art Room

Hallways and Stairs


Upper Floor all Classrooms Drywall Walls

Upper Floor Hallway Drywall Walls

Upper Floor 3 Stairs Drywall Walls

Upper Floor Bathrooms Walls

Lower Floor all Classrooms Drywall Walls

Lower Floor Hallway Drywall Walls

Lower Floor Bathrooms Walls

Remove Staples in all Drywall Walls

Remove clear sticker in all Drywall Walls

Repair all drywall Walls where is damage from chairs and tables and patch holes from Staples

Cover all floors and cover al rubber baseboards in all classrooms.

Prep all Metal casings in class rooms and metal railings ,handrails and steps in the stairs before painted.

1 Coat Latex primer in all walls where we apply drywall mud to fix damage in class rooms and hallways.

2 Coats Paint all Classrooms Walls

2 Coats Paint all Bathrooms Walls

2 Coats Paint 2 Long Hallways Walls

2 Coats Paint 3 Stairs Ceilings and Walls

2 Coats Paint all Metal Railings,Metal Handrails,Metal Riser and Metal Under Steps in the 3 Stairs.

2 Coats Paint all Metal Casings between hallways and Classrooms.

2 Coats Paint Metal Casing inside the Art Room, inside Office Hallway.

For any site walk throughs please notify hfusilier@flcobras.com. Bids Due May 5th by 5pm. 


Download SPECS | Download Construction PlansAddendum 1



AVENUE, HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS, 71901 until 2:00 p.m. local time, on NOVEMBER 19, 2020 at which time bids received will be opened and read aloud.

The project generally includes the construction of a proposed aggregate surfaced overflow parking lot as well as a mixture of aggregate and asphalt surfaced drives.Items within the project scope include but are not limited to erosion control, clearing, grading, storm sewer, surfacing, and site stabilization.

The CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be examined at the following locations.

B & F Engineering, Inc.

928 Airport Road

Hot Springs, AR 71913

(501) 767-2366

Beginning November 4, 2020, a complete set of Contract Documents may be purchased from B & F Engineering, Inc. upon payment of $45.00 for each set. Return of documents is not required, and amount paid for documents is not refundable.A PDF version of the Contract Documents may be downloaded at https://www.flcobras.com/o/flsd/page/bids--8.There is no fee for the PDF version.To receive any addenda issued for the project, BIDDERS must complete and return the Acknowledgement as directed and included in the Project Manual

The OWNER reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive informalities in the bids received, to evaluate bids, and to accept any bid or bids which, in his opinion, may be in the best interest of the OWNER.

Each BIDDER must deposit with his Bid, security in the form of a Bid Bond or Cashier Check in an amount not less than five percent (5%) of the Bid if the Bid amount exceeds $35,000.No BIDDER may withdraw his Bid within sixty (60) calendar days after the actual date of the opening thereof.

Attention of Bidders is particularly called to the requirements as to conditions of employment including Equal Employment Opportunity to be observed.BIDDERS shall be licensed as required by statutes and the rules and regulations of the Arkansas Contractor’s Licensing Board.


Timber Bid

Posted 3/2/2020

Public Notice

The Fountain Lake School District is now receiving bids for timber in area 1 & 2. See map for details. Bids must be delivered to the Fountain Lake School District Administration Building at 4207 Park Avenue, Hot Springs, Arkansas or online at flcobras.com/bids no later than 12:00 P.M. March 16, 2020. All information pertaining to the timber bid can be obtained online at flcobras.com/bids. Bids can be hand delivered, sent through certified mail, or emailed to hfusilier@flcobras.com

Area 1 must be completed first. We will be moving forward with site excavation once timber is removed.

Site visits are welcome between 7am-3pm M-F.

Please call 501-701-1712 before arrival.

Timber Map

Agri Shop 3-Phase Bid

Posted 10/22/19 (Bid Now Closed)

Fountain Lake School District is seeking bids for installation of a new 3-Phase electrical service to the Agri Shop. Installation of new 800-amp, 480 volt, 3-Phase electrical service. This is to be a pad mount transformer approximately 150’ from existing utility pole and 150’ from building.

This is based on Entergy providing and installing the meter at the transformer. No Junction boxes or CT cabinets shall be required.

At this time we are needing service only. Please visit flcobras.com/bids for more information.


  • Call Arkansas One Call prior to any Trenching
  • All Electrical installation to meet or exceed the NEC and local codes
  • Coordination of all work with FLSD
  • Proposal based on work being performed during normal business hours.
  • Any permits, fees, and inspections.
  • Installation of new 800-amp, 480-volt, 3-phase electrical service. This is to be a
    pad mount transformer approximately 150’ from the existing utility pole and
    approximately 150’ from the building.
  • Installation of (2) 4” PVC conduits from the pole to the pad mount transformer
    with pull strings. Entergy is to install and terminate this wire.
  • Installation f (2) 4” conduits and wire from the pad mount transformer to the
    building. Installation and termination of wire in these conduits.
  • This is based on Entergy providing and installing the meter at the transformer.
    No junction boxes or CT cabinets shall be required.
  • Installation of concrete pad for transformer as per Entergy’s specs.
  • Installation of fused disconnect on Agri Building
  • Rework an existing outdoor 20 amp power run from the building to an outdoor network switch box to accommodate the new work. Installation of separate conduits for power.
  • All trenching, backfilling, and compacting for the above mentioned work. Utilize
  • FLSD provided mini-excavator to perform this work. Existing spoils are to be re-used to backfill the trench.