FL hosted a tri-match with Bismarck and Murfreesboro on 9/8/22
FL boys and girls both won the match

Girls Singles
Lainey Mungle won vs Bismarck 6-0
Paige Davis won vs Murfreesboro 6-0
Mary Drakes won vs Murfreesboro 6-5
Aedan Kaumeyer lost vs Bismarck 2-6
Lainey Mungle won vs Murfreesboro 6-0

Girls Doubles
Paige Davis/ Mary Drakes won vs Bismarck 6-0
Skylar Smedley/Bailey Sullivan lost vs Bismarck 1-6
Mary Drakes/Aedan Kaumeyer lost vs Murfreesboro 3-6

Boys Singles
Paul Combs won vs Bismarck 6-0
Alejandro Castells won vs Bismarck 6-0
John Carter won vs Murfreesboro 6-3

Boys Doubles
Andrew Bledsoe/Garrett White won vs Bismarck 6-3 and 6-4
George Drakes/Cannon McMullin won vs Bismarck 6-1 and against Murfreesboro 6-0
Bo Baker/Jackson Akard won vs Bismarck 6-1

Next match is Tuesday 9/13 at Arkadelphia starting at 5:30