2022 yearbooks are on sale now!

Pricing for High School
Deadline 1: $40 (Ends October 22nd)
Deadline 2: $45 (Ends November 19th)
Deadline 3: $50 (Ends March 31st or until sold out)

Pricing for Middle School/ Elementary
Deadline 1: $35 (Ends October 22nd) 
Deadline 2: $40 (Ends March 31st or until sold out)

Personalized books need to be ordered and paid for before April 15th, 2022.

Online Ordering

If you would like to order online, please use the following links:

High School Yearbook

High School Senior Ad

Middle School /Elementary 

*The middle school /elementary yearbook is listed online as "Middle School." When you order, the book will include coverage for both middle and elementary.

Contact Information
Please contact Mrs. Albin for any questions: | 501-701- 1700 ex. 1776

Delivery Dates

Fountain Lake has the special advantage of extended deadlines, which means at the end of the school year instead of leaving out events such as graduation, award ceremonies, school dances, etc., we can include them in the final yearbook copy. With that in mind, the yearbook delivery date for both books will either be during the summer after the final stories are finished or at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year.